Our value Team-unity

Corporate life of the company

One of the main tasks of our company is to create a comfortable environment for the work of employees and popularize the corporate culture.

The company often holds various promotions and competitions, developing seminars and lectures.

We highly respect our national values, mother tongue and strive to be supporters of the nation. Therefore, the official language of office work in our company is the Kazakh language.

Dress code "smart casual" (eng. "casual fashion style") - a free, beautiful style worn in the office.
By tradition, every Friday, office staff put on a T-shirt with the inscription "qazaqsha soile".

Charitable Foundation

«Honesty serum»

The purpose of the action is the cultivation of honesty as one of the main qualities of a company employee, the observance of the company's Values and honesty, trust, the development of corporate culture.

«Qazaqsha soile»

Since May 20 2020, the company has adopted the rules for communication and documentation in the Kazakh language.

T-shirts with the inscription "qazaqsha soile" by TASGROUP have become part of the Friday dress code.

One of the values of the TASGROUP group of companies is Team-cohesion.

Therefore, the annual meeting of employees has become a corporate tradition, a trend that originates from the day the company was founded. We are looking forward to meeting with colleagues, which is taking place in Almaty. In 2022, our annual meeting was named "TASGROUP QURYLTAI" for the first time.

The purpose of the "TASGROUP QURYLTAI" is to unite our colleagues in order to show and let them feel that each employee is part of one big company, and that everyone has their own role, which contributes to the achievement of a common goal. Moreover, we are gathering to share the results of the work done during the year, to reward employees who have worked in the company for 5 years or more, to instill in employees a sense of unity and pride in the company.

Happy moments from the celebration of "TASGROUP QURYLTAI 2022"

Memorable moments from the event "TASGROUP QURYLTAI 2023"

Corporate calendar of company events



February 23

is the birthday of the TASCREDIT brand


March 8

International Women's Day


April 15

TAS FAMILY National Valentine's Day


May 7

Day of Defenders of the Fatherland


Qazaqsha soile


July 1

National Dombra Day


August 10

Birthday of the great poet Abai Qunanbaiuly


September 1

Congratulations to the children of employees going to the 1st grade


Tas Group CUP

Staff Table Tennis Tournament


November 15

National Currency Day TASGROUP INTELLECT game


December 16

Congratulations to the children of employees

ASSYLTAS Charitable Foundation

The fund's motto is «the hand of the giver, more valuable than the hand of the taker!»
The main mission is, based on innovation, to turn the Kazakh language into the language of the broad masses, the business environment, make donations, popularize national values and conduct activities in the name of national interests.

Foundation President - Tastekey Dulat Tursynuly
Head of the fund - Okasov Rauan Yeskenkeldiuly

The main tasks of the public fund:

  • Expanding the scope of the Kazakh language
  • Niche Development
  • Support for Kazakh art
  • Support for the development of Kazakh sports
  • Implementation of charitable projects
  • Support for talented citizens


As part of the project "Bir asyl іs" in 2022, the ASSYLTAS public foundation donated a car to a 37-year-old resident of Astana, Mr. Akarys (a person with disabilities)

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