Harvard Business School


Today, within the distinguished confines of TAS GROUP, we were honored by the presence of not mere acquaintances, but rather, erudite comrades hailing from the hallowed halls of Harvard Business School, the eminent citadel of higher learning. In a meticulously orchestrated affair, we orchestrated an insightful tour of our corporate domain, acquainting our guests with the intricacies of our operational milieu, our team, and engaging in a profound discourse delineating our strategic visions for the impending future. The guests noted the high professionalism of our team, the rapid growth and the importance of our work, which is primarily aimed at the development of the Kazakh business sector.

We remind you that the founder of the TAS GROUP, Dulat Tursynuly Tastekey, is currently pursues the pursuit of knowledge at Harvard Business School. Harvard is a testament to the TAS GROUP's commitment to even greater heights of success.

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Почему у микрозаймов в Казахстане большие проценты

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Harvard Business School

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